network performance between california and london, calarts (usa), february 2013

bocca/mikro is an audiovisual improvisatory collaboration with canadian composer and performer andrea young. in this performance, the worlds of vocal experimentation, interactive machines and audiovisual environments collide as the catalysing vocal input of bocca provides a source for the mikro system and the ensuing audiovisual environment, exploring the cultural and technological connotations of the schism between the natural and the artificial.

bocca is an improvisation for voice and voice-controlled electronics which uses vocal feature extraction to control variables in algorithmic synthesizers. the combination of amplified voice morphing into voice-controlled machine noise extends the human voice, infuses electronics with the vocal envelopes and blurs the boundaries between voice and electronic sound. this work is performed through kyma from symbolic sound.

mikro is an audiovisual improvisation system comprised of artificial improviser agents who learn about musical structure from the incoming vocal improvisation as well as from other musical examples with the aid of various machine listening and learning algorithms. mikro was created in the process of exploring artificially intelligent computational strategies for live performance. the synthetic instruments used in the performance are selected from a large database of synthesis definitions evolved with evolutionary algorithms imitating the myopic processes of evolution by natural selection. the machine listening processes also inform the generative world of computer graphics which explore a non-linear relationship between the modalities, each asserting independence within its domain while finding points of convergence at times. this sounds are synthesised with supercollider while the graphics are generated with cinder c++ libraries.