live at city university in london april 2012

mikro:skism is a collaborative audiovisual performance involving Satoshi Shiraishi's improvisation on his custom-built eclambone instrument and the mikro system programmed in and controlled from supercollider. satoshi's exploration of timbre-space on the eclambone provides an acoustic source for the piece. eclambone is a custom-built, fully integrated electronic instrument that consists of an aerophone supplied with haptic sensors and digital signal processing algorithms. the eclambone was built with the specific interest in timbre manipulation by an acoustic instrumentalist to drive a sound synthesis engine. the musical expression of the eclambone is further extended by the mikro system, consisting of machine learning algorithms, that analyze and segment the incoming audio stream, and autonomous composition agents that generate an audiovisual response. the performance seeks to integrate elements of electroacoustic improvisation, timbre composition and artificial intelligence based approach to machine listening and autonomous audiovisual composition.

mikro:skism is second in series of improvisatory performances exploring micro level timbre composition in real time. while the first collaboration mikro:strukt - explored the micro-level compositional structures to create an emergent overall form for the ensuing environment, mikro:skism attempts to concentrate on and, in effect, magnify the conflicts and disparities arising from human-machine interactions in parallel with tensions within a distributed audiovisual composition system. specific attention is focused on surround ambisonic spatialization within the context of audiovisual composition, utilizing the ambisonic toolkit by joseph anderson, which presumes composition and manipulation of sound fields in contrast to the more common technique of point source distribution.