live at nime in oslo june 2011

mikro:strukt is a collaboration between with japanese instrument designer and performer satoshi shiraishi. satoshi's performance on the e-clambone provides an acoustic source for the piece. e-clambone is a custom-built, fully integrated electronic instrument that consists of an aerophone supplied with haptic sensors and digital signal processing algorithms. the musical expression of the e-clambone is further extended by digital autonomous listening agents that interact with the incoming audio stream and generate an audiovisual response. the performance seeks to integrate elements of electroacoustic improvisation, timbre composition and artificial intelligence based approach to machine listening and autonomous audiovisual composition. mikro:strukt explores micro level timbre composition in real time.

the e-clambone was built with the specific interest in timbre manipulation by an acoustic instrumentalist to drive a sound synthesis engine. the original sonic output of this engine is further expanded by autonomous agent based system developed in supercollider. a number of machine listening agents serve as the basis for the analysis-composition system, utilizing spectral onset detection and amplitude following algorithms in combination with a neural network spectrum classification approach on the micro level of incoming sound. genetic algorithms, neural networks and other artificial intelligence based algorithms are then used in the process of generating an audiovisual interactive response to the improvised performance on the e-clambone. the spatialization focuses on composition and manipulation of ambisonic fields in contrast to the more prevalent technique of point source distribution.

the performances vary quite significantly from one to the next. here is a recording of another version as a comprison: